Have you upgraded your status to STATUS yet?

Aakash Bhalla
4 min readMay 7, 2021


This year came bearing gifts for me and my loved ones and can you guess what this was? Let me share with you so a few months back me and my friend were discussing over coffee how Facebook is misusing user data and earning by selling it over to advertisers to which I remember saying I wish there was some platform whose priority is users and their privacy right at this moment.

Sam beamed up proudly and said Aakash I have the right thing for you and he pulled out his cellphone and open this app Status. I never heard that name before, but fast forward to this day Status is the first app that I open when starting my day right from being my messaging platform to being my crypto wallet and my go-to app for all web3 browser apps. There are multiple blockchain projects providing various services out there but Status was the one that caught my attention due to its core principles of providing private and secure communication.

So, let me share my smooth sailing journey with Status until now.

Status has become my family app if that makes sense..haha. My parents, siblings, and my friends are all on this platform. My mother who considered Whatsapp not so user-friendly now not only chats on status but transfers and accepts crypto in status wallet, this makes me very happy and satisfied at the same time that in some way my parents have also upgraded!

Not just my parents can easily access the platform due to its simplicity but there are tons of features that make status the best in the market, I will try sharing a few which I loved. Let me start with the platform’s most used and most well-known feature, which is its messaging platform. Now you would be asking what’s special in their messaging application, register your details and start using it simply like others. That is where I was also mistaken like you all now allow me to surprise you by telling you that while registering on status’ platform they won’t be asking for your mobile number, email address or ask you to link any account to start using, shocked much? So was I in fact when you download you get assigned a unique username which you can share with anyone and connect great right! Moreover, they run on P2P adding that extra layer of security to your conversation.

Can you seriously think of any such platforms or applications which are as transparent, I bet there won’t be much. By this time I am guessing you are already quite convinced that you are bound to give this awesome application a try.

But let me enlighten you a little more about what the status team has to offer and how they are proving that Yes! Users are their top priority and there in the business of secure, private communication and not to earn off by selling essential user data

Status is a pseudo-anonymous platform that strives to provide the right of total anonymity.

Secondly, it is their status crypto wallet. Saying it in my personal experience that it is one of the safe and secure places to store crypto assets. I always used to think that how handy it would be if I was able to send my money via text messages and status definitely helped me with my problem.

It is accessible, attainable, and easy to use. Most importantly, it is me being able to handle all my assets, transactions, messages and that helps me take control of my funds on my own.

Thirdly, comes their prominent feature that is Web3 Browser. It helps to access the latest decentralized finance apps, marketplaces, games, and more. It is the software incentivized to continue to exist and improve, without the stewardship of a single entity or any of the current team members. The best part is their openness and the software is made available via a free and open-source license, for anyone to share, modify and benefit from. We believe in permission-less participation. A single platform that provides every latest feature be it their privacy, transparency, decentralization, continuance, and resourcefulness, etc.

So let me conclude by just asking you one question: Have you upgraded your Status to, STATUS yet?

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Aakash Bhalla